Andrés Ruz-Nieto

Andrés Ruz-Nieto

FPI Researcher & Ph.D. Student

Technical University of Cartagena


👋🏻 Hi! I am Andrés Ruz-Nieto. M.Sc Telecommunication Engineer specialiced on Telematics.

Currently, I am a Ph.D. student in Information and Communication Technology.

I am passionate about the world of technology.

  • Ph.D. in Information and Communication Technologies, 2022 - Present

    Technical University of Cartagena

  • M.Eng. in Telecommunications Engineering, 2021 - 2023

    Technical University of Valencia

  • B.Sc. in Telecommunications Engineering - Telematics, 2017 - 2021

    Technical University of Cartagena


Technical University of Cartagena
PhD Candidate at GIRTEL (FPI Fellowship - MICINN; Ministry of Science and Innovation)
Technical University of Cartagena
Oct 2022 – Present Cartagena

Trainee teacher in:

  • Degree in Telematics Engineering/Telecommunication Systems: Fundamentals of Computers
  • Degree in Data Science and Engineering: Fundamentals of Computers

Responsibilities include:

  • DDevelopment of Network Simulation Software
  • Integration of telematics technologies in light vehicles.
  • Web development tasks (BackEnd & FrontEnd)
  • Visualisation system of distributed storage assets and microgrids (Department of Automatics, Electrical Engineering and Electronic Technology and Ampere Power Energy) - Frontend Developer
  • GIRTEL Webmaster
Technical University of Cartagena
Research support technical personnel at GIRTEL group
Technical University of Cartagena
Jan 2021 – Sep 2022 Cartagena

Responsibilities include:

  • Development of Network Simulation Software
  • Integration of telematic technologies on vehicles
  • Web development
Technical University of Cartagena
Research fellow at GIRTEL group
Technical University of Cartagena
Oct 2020 – Dec 2020 Cartagena


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